Jean-Pierre Christian Nié

The King of Burgundy. It is thanks of him that the Foundation “Sergio Il Patriarca” has come into being. The first donation arrived on 15th November 2013, at the wonderful lunch that he offers every year at the Château de Santaney during the celebration of the “Trois Glorieuses”. Chevalier du Château Vougeot, he defends and distributes the great wines of Burgundy. He is the thread in the precious pearl necklace of friendship.

Jean Pierre Nie

Ruggero Mazzilli

He is the spirit of the soil that speaks through the vines. He treats them with the love and attention of a lover, ready to supply their every need. Thanks to him viticulture has found a great intermediary, capable of delivering to the cellars real grapes in perfect health, for the great good fortune of the wines they produce. He is the founder of the experimental centre of Spevis, the research centre for the promotion of organic viticulture, and amongst other things the creator of the “Biodistretto” of San Gimignano. His is a direct spirit, with a vocation for teaching and for helping his neighbour with a simplicity detached from any political agendas.


Emanuela Stucchi Prinetti

The Lady of the Badia di Coltibuono. Attentive to everything and everyone, she is the irreplaceable guiding light of one of the treasures of Italy and the world. The sangiovese grape of the Badia becomes “Sangioveto” , a priceless example of how to vinify Tuscany’s great native variety. Emanuela is a citizen of the world, always present with her elegance and her smile from the east to the west of our small planet. She is ready to support the Foundation with her managerial skills.


Aljoscha Goldschmidt

Intelligence, generosity, a great heart and a ready awareness. At Corzano e Paterno Aljoscha has taken agriculture to new levels of excellence because he has brought to it his love of art and beauty. Everything about him is genuine. His wines are pure, his vinsanto exquisite, the oils from his olive groves fertilised by his own sheep are unique. His skill, his good sense, his hard work and his friendship are very precious and a great contribution to the spirit of the Foundation.


Elisabetta Fagiuoli

Elisabetta arrived at Montenidoli with children in need of space and freedom. Sergio supported her with his gift of acceptance and the ability to bring harmony to restless spirits. The earth has given peace and joy. Elisabetta has had the great good fortune to know men of extraordinary personal culture and profound humanity. She is the inheritor of some wonderful messages and her commitment now is to return what she has received, through the Foundation.



Alberto Testoni

Native of Brescia, from a family with long and solid traditions. Alberto has developed an open personality, humane, intelligent and accepting. Accurate in his work almost to the level of obsession, he is the perfect person to keep the accounts of the Foundation in order. He is quick and decisive, attentive to the latest developments, always there for others. He is a pillar of the Foundation.


Gjeke Mikaj

The head of a family, with a wealth of acquired wisdom. His curiosity and his desire to learn have made him an accomplished expert in the most various of fields. His natural authority comes from experience, from the goodness of his heart and his simple common sense. He knows how to lead by example, which is the gift of a true leader. He is the guiding light of the great family that works for the Foundation.


To go beyond borders and be together

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