Foundation AIM

The big family of our small planet

To go beyond borders and be together
· Chase fear through the knowledge of nature and the search of culture.
· Gather the riches of different creeds and traditions, getting to know one another and becoming friends.
· Understand that we must all live as a big family in our small planet.
These are the aims of the Sergio The Patriarch Foundation.
The Foundation is located on two farms, an island surrounded by woods, on a hill overlooking San Gimignano, in front of the Tuscan Chianti, right in the heart of Italy. Nature here offers all its perfection and beauty. The air is transparent and pure. You can feel the breath of the earth and the magnetism of the rocks. It is a special place where nature speaks a new language. A new energy springs in the mind, a new light opens the hearts. It goes beyond personal horizons towards a more enlightened way of thinking.
Sergio the Patriarch, the “Magister”, was a simple teacher but a great healer for children, youngsters, adults, elderly folk. He used to ask pupils, friends and visitors to walk with him in these magic surroundings. His conversation was simple and friendly but always focused on the need of the person he was talking to. His words naturally flowed with peace and understanding.
Everybody was deeply touched, discovering new truths in themselves. Everybody left full with new courage and deeper understanding of the aims of his life.
Sergio became “The Patriarch” and left a precious heritage of love and comprehension at Montenidoli. His message must proceed further; for this reason the two farms on the top of the hill were given to the Foundation.
We are seeking for friends, supporters and donators to fulfill the aims of our programme.

San Gimignano


On the two farms we want to host for one month elderly and young people from around the world.
Up to eight retired penniless people on one farm and eight young people with little purpose in life – , but a little knowledge of English, on the other farm.
This month together is to promote an encounter of mutual understanding, a pause between the past and the future.
During their meetings the aged will focus on the story of their lives, how they faced their successes and their failures: problems and solutions.
The young will show the other side of life: the different needs of modern times, their way of understanding the future, and their aims.
Culture, religion, traditions, crafts and industry, hand writing and the internet, the gap between old and new generations…
Roots in the past and…”roots in the future”…
They will find themselves part of the big family that lives and works at Montenidoli.
They will have the chance to meet the friends of Montenidoli: geologists, biologists, agronomists, vine growers, and wine personalities.
It will be an exchange of a new and an old way of life and culture: old and new skills, artisanal crafts and industrial achievements.
The heritage of the past and a torch for the future.
An internet library will gather the summary of their meetings and be sent around the world.


The old will be happy to pass on their experience and their culture.
The young will find new paths for their life to come.
The Foundation will generate a better understanding of nature and human feelings.


Plans for 30 days of stay:
– First day reception and welcome
– Last day packing and a final reflection on the Montenidoli experience
– Four days touring Tuscany: towns, museums, landscapes, markets, craft fairs.
– 24 days of full immersion in the wisdom of nature in the red land of the Triassic soil that surrounds the two farms.
– Long walks in the woods and in the vineyards, lessons on different topics: the earth and climate change, mineralogy, geology, agronomy, biology, viticulture, oenology and also yoga, gym, first aid, psychology, and art and beauty.
– Extended meetings and discussions to create a vital declaration of solidarity that is absolutely necessary for all of us.


As soon as the house for the young is restored and all accessories are ready, we can begin!

– 2 people full time for cleaning and cooking
– 1 person full time for guiding the guests
– 1 person full time for logistics
– 2 vans with 2 drivers for 6 days


A report of all their investments will be carefully valued, checked and registered.
The guest house of Montenidoli, La Fidanza, will be available should they wish to visit
The Symposium of La Fidanza will be available for seminaries and meetings.
And what is most important: their help will be vital in our coming together for peace and a better life