From his students

Antonino De Luca.

Our teacher Sergio knew what was happening but he did not blame us. He began to come to fetch us at home before school and take us back home at the end of the lessons.
Our class was very special. Sergio believed in us; he became very important to us. He involved us in many physical activities…

Leopoldo Genova

It is 10 years since Sergio left us, but his force is still strong.His soul and body are still present in the places he lived, in the objects he touched and in the people he loved.I can see him peep out behind every tree, with his sweet smile and his warm voice who greets me.In…

Claudio Barbieri.

I started primary school at the “Embriaco Fieschi” in Genoa and there I met my teacher. Going to school was for me it was a great emotion, getting acquainted with many schoolmates was an exciting experience. But I quickly realized that my greatest luck was to have a great teacher.