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Claudio Barbieri.

I started primary school at the “Embriaco Fieschi” in Genoa and there I met my teacher.
Going to school was for me it was a great emotion, getting acquainted with many schoolmates was an exciting experience. But I quickly realized that my greatest luck was to have a great teacher.
Sergio was a groundbreaking and skilled teacher, he used to teach us many things in an easygoing approach, stimulating our curiosity and entertaining us at the same time.
We learned multiplication tables in matches among us: in 4th and 5th grade we started to make a bulletin; it was very futuristic for those times and we greatly enjoyed it.
When school was over I lost sight of him but later on I had the chance to meet him here in Genoa.
He told me that he had retired and ended up living with Elisabetta in Montenidoli. Then we started seeing each other.
Sergio was charismatic and charming .
We became great friends, I fully understood this during one of the last times that I visited him. I remember that I had called him anticipating my visit.
He told me to go on Sunday because the previous day he would have been in Rome to present his new book “The long day of the woodpecker”. He went on that Sunday and he welcomed me in his study with the book in his hands and told me: “This is my book and I want to give it to you!”.
He sat down at his desk and on the first page wrote this inscription:” To Claudio, whom I knew as a pupil and in the long run he became a true friend”.
It was moving and after a short while I had a lump in my throat.
With tears in my eyes I grabbed him and hugged him.
Claudio Barbieri